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We are a group of manufacturers, institutes and professional expertise in all kind of crystals. We have been a reliable supplier of crystal materials and products since 1963. We are supplying the following crystal products with high quality and low price.

Product by Crystal-
Al2O3  AgGaS2  AgGaSe2  BaF2  BaTiO3  BBO  BGO  BSO  CaCO3  CaF2   CLBO  CsI DKDP  Diamond  KBr  KCl  KDP  KN  KTA  KTP  LBO  LGS  LiF   LiIO3   LiCaAlF6  LiSrAlF6   LN   LT   MgAl2O4   MgF2  MgO Mica  NaCl   NaI  PbMoO4   PbWO4   PMNT  Quartz  RTP  TeO2  TGS  TGG   YAG  YAP  YVO4  Zirconia  ZnO  ZnS   ZnSe  

Product by Applications-
Abrasives and Machinery:
diamond powder;  micro diamond;  nanometer diamond;  CVDdiamond;  diamond tools

Quartz;  YVO4; 
α-BBO  LiNbO3;  Calcite;  DWDM Filter; TGG 

Laser system:
Nd:YVO4;  Nd:GdVO4;  Nd:YAG;  Er:YAG; Yb:YAG Cr4+:YAG;  KTP;  KNbO3;  BBO;  LBO;  CLBO;  LiSrAlF6;   KDP;   DKDP;  LiIO3;  AgGaS2 KTA;   TGG; Laser Crystals

Optical system:
BaF2;  CaF2;  MgF2;  LiF; 
BaTiO3;  MgAl2O4;
ZnS;  ZnSe;  YVO4; 
YAG  Al2O3;  Quartz;  TGG; 
Poly-crystalline spinal

Power system:
Mica tape;   F Mica Tape;  Mica Crystal; Mica Paper;  Mica Film;  Mica Plate; BGO

Scintillation and medical system:
CsI;  CsI(Tl);  CsI(Na);  NaI;  BGO;  PbWO4;  BaF2;  Ce:YAP;  Scintillation CsI Crystal series

Cubic Zirconia;  MgO; 
SrTiO3;   LaAlO3;  Al2O3;   LiGaO2;   LiAlO2;  BaTiO3;  Quartz;

X-ray Machine:
X-ray Machine for crystal orientation  



 What' s New

(1). The magneto-optical crystal Terbium Gallium Garnet(TGG) is an optimum material for Faraday devices (Rotator and Isolator) in the range from 400nm-1100nm, excluding 470-500nm.The Faraday rotator consists of a TGG rod ......

(2). X-ray Machine for determining the crystal orientation various types of X-ray apparatus with feasible performance and affordable cost are available.

(3). A NEW TYPE NONLINEAR OPTICAL MATERIAL—CLBO, Cesium lithium borate is a newly developed nonlinear optical crystal, it possesses very good UV nonlinear optical properties, especially the ability to generate fourth harmonic and fifth harmonics of the 1.064nm Nd:YAG laser output. CLBO crystal has small......

 What' s Hot

(1). Scintillation CsI Crystal series......
(2). The nanometer powder is an ultra fine powder of diamond with spherical grain size in nanometer level. The average grain size of nanometer powder is 4 ~ 8nm, surface area is 280~420 m²/g and density is 3.2 ~ 3.48 g/cm³.
(3). The diamond beads are cut from CVD diamond wafer with laser beam, which are used for diamond tools. It can be in various shapes, cubes disks and strips. The bead dimension can be (0.5-200)mm x (0.5-200)mm x (0.5-1)mm. Owing to its high hardness and wearbility it can be used for the fabrication of hard or fragile materials such as gemstones, granites, ceramics and glass.



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