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CsI(Tl )

CsI(Tl) Scintillating crystal is a kind of key functional materials in modern science and technology. As detector elements, they are widely used in airports, railway stations, customs, ports as well as oil fields and geographic exploration practices.
The followings are the properties and data of Tl:CsI crystal or its devices, which are the main scintillating products produced in our company.

Main Properties:

Density                                                               4.51 g/cm3
Melting point                                                      894

Moh’s Hardness                                                 2
Hygroscopicity                                                  little
Afterglow (after 6ms)                                        0.5%-5.0%
Decay constant                                                 1000 ns
Expansion coefficient                                       54 ×10-6/K
Radiation length                                                1.7 cm
Emission wavelength                                        540 nm
Max emission wavelength                                550 nm
Light yield                                                          52 - 56×103 photons/MeV
Refractive Index
(Maximum emission wavelength)                    1.79


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