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Nanometer Powder

The nanometer powder is an ultra fine powder of diamond with spherical grain size in nanometer level. The average grain size of nanometer powder is 4 ~ 8nm, surface area is 280~420 m2/g and density is 3.2 ~ 3.48 g/cm3. It is synthesized under high pressure and high temperature at moment. The nanometer powder has the highest rigidity and is corrosion-resistant. It has high surface activity and microcosmic sorption being tiny crystals and having large surface area. Therefore it is a best choice to use it in the field of antifriction and friction-reduced.

It can be used as electroplating additive, developing composite electroplating with ultra-fine diamond powder; as lubricant, developing the super anti-abrasion lubricating oil and lubrication oil; as supper polishing additive, developing the abrasive application for extremely high smooth finish.

There are two types of nanometer powder available:

*** The quality of diamond is tested with the method of GE and comparable to GE.***


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