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The following 3 types are common units with relatively high radiant intensity diffracted through one crystal. It is mainly used to measure the orientation of quartz bar, quartz wafer and other single crystals. All technical specifications of this series conform to China Standard and coincide with similar foreign products.


DX-1: Accuracy 30, min.reading15in a scale display.

DX-2: Accuracy 30, min.reading 10in a digital display.

DX-2A: Accuracy 30, min.reading1in a digital display.


Other technical data are the same as in detail below:

Input power supply: Single phase AC 220V,50Hz,0.5kW.

X-ray tube: Cu target, air cooling with fan.

Max.rating : 30kV,5mA.

Detector : Geiger counter.

Time constant :0.4,0.8 sec.

Angle measuring range : 2θ=10~120,θ=10~60.

Angle reading : 2θ:1min and θ:1min, on scale marking; degree, minute and second on digital display.

Angle adjustment: Digital display is presetable at any angel.

Divergence slits : 4′、5′、6.

Main shutter: Manual operation.

Display panel: Display of angle and radiant intensity.

Accessories: Vacuum chuck ceramic type and strip type sample holder. The spring type and bulk sample holder are optional.

Total accuracy : 30.

External dimensions:1140(L)650(D) 1100(H)mm.

Weight :300kg.



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