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These units have two working platforms. The goniometer on left is used to measure a high precision wafers. The setting platform on the right is for quartz bar sticking. The R-face is taken as the basic side of quartz bar and adjusted with a micrometer. The cutting angle is adjusted by the goniometer. These units are used mainly for AT- and BT-cut. There are four types of

DX-5A/5B,6A/6B designed to meet different demand of client. The crystal bar is stuck with +X face upwards in DX-5A/5B units and downwards in 6A/6B units. The DX-5B/6B units are for cutting a broad bar.


Main specification

Items Type 5A/6A Type5B/6B

Sticking plate size (mm) 330 x 200 x 20 250 x 250 x 20

Quartz bar thickness (mm) 10, 9 (8, 7) 10, 9 (8, 7)

Sticking layer 5 (6) 5 (6)

Layer adjust mode spacer block spacer block

Sticking accuracy +/- 15 +/- 15

Display mode of sticking precision digital and analog with peak digital and analog with memory function peak memory function

Cutting angle reading, min. 1 1

Fix mode of sticking plate electromagnet electromagnet

Moving mode of sticking plate precision guide rail precision guide rail

Mother apparatus Type DX-4A Type DX-4A



1 The area of R-face must be big enough for sticking. For a Y-bar it is better to cut off a piece of the bar which is parallel to the large R-face to enlarge the sticking area.

2 It is negotiable if the demand of sticking plate size and sticking layer is other than listed above.



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