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This unit is used to orient and measure the surface and reference plane of a sliced silicon single crystal or other crystal wafers. There is a vacuum chuck function with this unit. The measured crystal diameter could be 3~8 inches and the measured crystal plane could be (100)/(110)/(111)/(210) and so on. The accuracy of the measurement is ±30 ". The minimum reading is 10 ".

There are two working platforms with this unit. According to client’s requirement, on the two working platforms the unit could be furnished to carry out the same task meantime, or measure the wafer surface on one platform meanwhile measure the reference plane on another one.   

The mother apparatus of this unit is Type DX-2. The unit with mother apparatus other than DX-2 is also available. The measure accuracy would be +/-15” and minimum reading 1” if the DX-4A instead of DX-2 is used. Various designs could be made based on client’s special requirement.



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