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This unit is especially used to orient and measure a silicon single crystal ingot, and to work with a multi-line cutting machine.

There are two working platforms with this unit. A pair of rolling bars is on each platform. One platform is for measuring the ingot with diameter of 3~5 inches and another one is for the diameter of 6~8 inches. The ingot is put on the two rolling bars and the end face of ingot is oriented through X-ray irradiation.

A special import encoder with multi-steps of 0.001o is matched with the end face of crystal ingot. The measurement could be done in four directions (0o, 90o, 180o and 270o) or two directions (0o and 90o)

This is a computer controlled unit. All data including the code of ingot , rotary angle (β) and sway angle (α) of ingot on the sticking plate would be displayed and printed after calculation with input parameters.


Main specification

Item parameter

Ingot diameter 3~8 inch

Ingot length max. 500 mm

Crystal plane(Si) (111) and (100)

Orient accuracy +/- 30

Minimum reading 1

Rotary angle (β) +/- 90o +/-0.1o

Mother apparatus DX-2A


Note: It is negotiable for a special requirement.



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