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This unit is especially used to stick a silicon ingot that was measured by DX-7C, and to work with a multi-line cutting machine.

In this unit there is a location-plate to adjust the ingot position and angle on the sticking plate which is controlled with two computer boards and driven by a stepping motor. To increase the production efficiency two or three sticking plates could be laid in this unit. The sticking plate could be fixed with electromagnet or screw which is up to client’s choice.


Main specification

Item                                                                            Parameter

Ingot diameter                                                             3~8 inch

Ingot length, max.                                                        500 mm

Sticking plate length, max.                                          500 mm

Sticking plate width                                                   70/100/150 mm

Rotary angle of location-plate (α)                            +/- 10”

Minimum reading                                                        1”



Note: It is negotiable for a special requirement.



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