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This unit is used to measure crystal wafers semi-automatically. It was developed based on our

DX-4A unit. To meet different requirement of customers two types of unit ,DX-9 and DX-10 are designed.

In DX-9 unit the diffractive peak is searched automatically but the wafer handling including moving and sorting is operated manually. In DX-9A unit the diffractive peak searching and wafer handling are made automatically after that the wafer is put in the wafer holder by hand.

The unit is controlled with a computer boarddriven by a stepping motor and operated with a key board. It is a convenient and economical unit.



Input power supply : Single phase AC 220V,50Hz,0.5Kw.

X-ray tube : Cu target, air cooling with fan.

Tube rate, max.: 30kV,5mA.

Detector : Geiger counter.

Wafer shape: rectangle

Sorting rate : 1500-2000 pcs/h.

Repeatability : 5".

Sorting box : 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, out, total 11 boxes

Angle range/box : 15", 30", 60".

Minimum reading: 1".



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