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This unit is designed to test the defects of a single crystal material. It could be applied in manufacture in factory or research in laboratory. This unit includes test platform, high voltage source and analysis system.

The platform includes X-ray tube (Cu target, 30kV, 1mA), Geiger counter, built-in computer and a monochromator. The real-time information collected by built-in computer is transferred into the computer analysis system that consists of computer, analysis software and printer. All the information would be analyzed with the software. The peak curve and FWHM value would be displayed with lists and curves, and could be printed out.

Usually it needs 2~3 minutes for one sample testing(the scan scope 2°). The sample could be tested one more time continually, and the repeatability is±5".

This rocking curve test unit is also a high precision semiautomatic orientation unit with minimum reading of 1” and orientation accuracy of ±15".  Even for a weak diffractive plane as SiO2(0003) the measure accuracy is still be ±15".

This unit is furnished with an electromagnetic-optic shutter and protection cover to ensure the safety of operator.

A desk-type(as shown in the picture above) or other types are available up to customer’s choice. The external dimension of working table is 1500mm(L)×700mm(D)×750mm(H). The weight of test table is 75kg and the weight of high voltage source is 65kg.



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