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Laser Crystals


Our laser crystal series products includes Nd:YAG,  Er. Cr. Tm.

Ho:YAG, Nd. Cr:YAG, Cr. Ce:YAG, Yb:YAG and QYAG laser crystal.


Wave length

 1.064 um: (Nd:YAG); (Nd.Cr:YAG); (Nd.Cr.Ce:YAG)

 1.03 um: (Nb:YAG)

 2.1 um: (Cr.Tm.Ho:YAG)


Substituted concentration



Crystalline direction

            <=111>+/-5 degree


Interference fringe

dia. 3-6mm standard<= 0.2 strip/ inch

dia. 7-10mm standard<=0.25 strip/inch


Extinction ratio

            (dia. 3-6)x100mm standard>=30dB

            (dia. 7-10)x100mm standard>=25dB


Dimensional tolerance

            dia.3-dia.82: +0.0mm-0.05mm

            2.50-150: +/-0.5mm


End face

Surface flatness <= Lamda/10  Lamda =633mm)


Depth of parallelism<=3//


Verticality<= 3/


Coating film

Centre wavelength 1064nm

Anti-reflection film residual reflectance R<=0.2%




New type laser bar


There are four different new type laser bar we can provide as indicated. Integrated laser bar with multiple transmittances can meet the manifold needs of different laser users. 


New type 1

Cutting ring slots and spiral slots on laser bar cylinder to reduce thermal distortion and thermal lensing effect and improve the quality of laser light.


New type 2

Technology for the cutting of the section of large diameter laser bar while the two ends still remain joined .It can realize the output of powerful laser with single-grade laser producer. It has such advantages as simplification of installation, reduction of the difficulty of adjustment, improvement of stability and reliability of the laser producer.


New type 3

Crystals of same quality and same structure are grafted to the two ends of the laser bar. It has high damage threshold value, low thermal lensing effect and thus has large market potential.


New type 4

New type of integrate laser bar combining passive-adjusted Q-material and laser working material. It can bear much higher laser destructive vibration, enabling the laser producer to gain much more powerful output. It can be widely used in self-adjusted Q, self-selected module, self-locked module and output polarized laser producer.


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