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Lithium Niobate (LiNbO3)

Lithium Niobate (LN) single crystal is an important electronic material with many excellent characteristics appealed to electronics, optics and information industries. It has traditionally been adopted in surface acoustic wave devices, bulk acoustic wave devices, electro optic devices, acousto-optic devices, inactive optical communication devices and pressure sensors etc. With the further development of electronics and optics, which highlights optical communication and integrated optics , LN has been introduced into some new areas like data processing ,display , printing ,facsimile, tale metering. in the meanwhile, it has found extensive applications in high tech areas like aerospace, navigation ,satellite communication ,electronic countermeasure, radar guidance, laser ranging, precision photo typesetting, as well as in electronic consumer goods like TV, mobile phone, cordless phone, electronic audio and video recording products etc.

Optical  Lithium Niobate

1.  Axis  orientation                  XYZ        

2.  Orientation tolerance        0.2

3.  diameter:                                 2" 3"4"  long>50mm

4.  Courier  temperature   11421

5.  Transmittance  rage     370-5000nm

6.  Transmittance ratios   >85%  633nm

7.  Extinction ratios              >250 :1  @632.8 nm  φ2mm beam

8.  Refractive indices               no=2.268    ne=2.200 (633nm)

9.  Birefringence gradient    < 510-5/cm (633nm)

10.Electro-optic coefficients    r33=32 pm/v


Doped Lithium Niobate

1.  Axis  Orientation       XYZ
2.  Doped Concentration
Fe 0.03 mol %, 0.05 mol %, 0.1mol%, Zn 6mol%,Mg 5~6mol%
Crystal  Face            diameter  2" 3"4" long>50mm



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