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Synthetic Mica (Fluorophlogopite)

Synthetic fluorophlogopite crystals, KMg3(AlSi3O10)F2, are grown from some chemicals at high temperature. Made of powder of synthetic fluorophlogopite crystals the synthetic mica paper, synthetic mica nacreous pigment even the powder itself have a wide applications. The ceramics that composed of synthetic mica crystals is also a widely used materials.


(1) Single crystals of synthetic mica;
(2) Heat resisting laminate of synthetic mica paper ;
(3) Synthetic mica nacreous pigment;
(4) Machinable Mica ceramics
(5) Glass-bonded Synthetic Mica
(6) Dry or wet grinded synthetic Mica powder
(7) Mica Tape
(8) F Mica Tape


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