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Mica tape for fire resistant cables is made of mica paper (phlogopite paper, calcited muscovite paper or synthetic mica paper) and fiber glass cloth (or polyethylene film) with small amount of high heat resistance silicone adhesives.

The tape has excellent flexibility and tensile strength for high speed winding. Being twined directly over conductors or used as superior flame barrier wrapped under the outer jacket it is a perfect fire resistant component in fire-resistant wire and cable manufacturing.

There are two types of mica tape available, YN series and YS series. YN series - selected silicon resin is used to bond woven fiber glass with natural mica paper, which can maintain circuit integrity for more than 90 minutes at 750-800°C while under the rated voltage 0.6/1kv impact.

YS series - synthetic mica (fluorophlogopite) paper is used to be bonded with fiber glass cloth by selected silicon resin, which can maintain circuit integrity for more than 72 hours under high temperature impact at 1000 - 1200°C . It's the most suitable material for the usage of fire resistance cable and electric wire, or rectangular copper wire for electrical purposes allowing the protected equipment to operate normally even at a temperature of 1200°C.

Tapes are supplied in rolls, up to 1200m (3960 feet) in length and from 6mm to 900 in width, with 2 & 3 inches of standard cores. One layer or two layers of fiber glass cloth used to reinforce mica tape depends on customer's requirements.


Technical   Specification


YN Series

YS Series

Mica Paper





Reinforced Material

Fiber Glass Cloth

Thickness (mm)

0.10 - 0.15

Thickness Tolerance (mm)

+/-0.015 - +/-0.02

Mass Perunit Area (g/m2)

140 - 205

Binder Content (g/m2)

16 - 26

Volatility (%)


Tensile Strength N/cm




Dielectric Strength (MV/m)



800° C


1200° C


Thermal/Frame Barrier ° C



Subzero Resistance ° C



Thermal Conductivity W/m ° C

0.2 - 0.25

Dielectri Constant 205 ° C ε


Combustibility (Sec)


Flexibility gf/50mm

150 - 350

Heat Endurance 800° C

no deformation

Heat Endurance 1200° C

no deformation

Smoke Density/Toxic Substance


Rewinding Property

Any false adhesion should no occur

Bending Property

Mica foil should not separate

Number of Joints 500m

No more than one


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