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Ceramic Clothing Buttons

Clothing buttons have been described as the eyes of clothing. They are not only for decoration , but also for increasing clothing’s artistry. Zirconia ceramic button is a new types of buttons which are made of zirconia ceramics with advanced technology.
It has the unique properties: Non-allergic to skin; Abrasion resistant; Scrape resistant; Fading resistant; No electroplate contamination; Stainless.
It has the hardness close to that of natural diamond and maintains a brilliant gloss. It is a ideal choice for making high grade suit and shirt. It give the effect of an elegant and exquisite appearance.
More over, the button made by this material is the touchstone to test high grade clothing’s genuineness or counterfeit.
A wide variety of fine ceramic button can be supplied with different colors: black, gray, dark blue, sapphire blue, beige and white.



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